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Who Are The Best Boxers Ranked Top Today

When it comes to naming the best boxers today, you get shocked at the list given by each person. Today, hundreds of boxers make to the list of professional boxers who have made name and fortune. In the heavyweight category, one might name Antony Joshua as their best boxer. However, another guy will crosscheck on the welterweight division and say a name you have never thought. Many of the professional boxers have won several fights, and that is why they appear in the list below.

Tyson Luke fury is a professional heavyweight boxer who has represented Great Britain and Ireland at different levels. Fury is one boxer who has won in categories such as IBF, WBS, WBO, and IBO. One of Fury’s success was to defeat the reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko and being named the fighter of the year. Still 31 years of age, Fury is considered among the most active fighters taking on the heavyweight belt. His starts stands at 20 KO wins from 30 in the ring, making him listed among the top fighters of the current moment.

Deontay Leshun Wilder is one America boxer, named The Bronze Bomber after winning bronze in 2008 Olympics. He is remembered for his hard-punching power. Until 2015, he held the WBC heavyweight title, becoming among the longest holding American boxers. In his 42 fights recorded, he has won 40 on KO. The fighter is still considered among the most active today.

We include Canelo Sal lvarez, the Mexican boxer who has won three-weight world champion. At 29 years of age, Canelo has already taken WBA Super, WBC, and the IBF Middleweight titles. When fighting, Canelo goes for the counterpunches as he plots on his opponents, but has time to avoid those heavy punches. This fighter is feared by opponents and loved by fans, and is among the active pound to pond boxers.

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua is another of the current best boxers. This British fighter has held the Unified World Heavyweight titles at an early age. Today, AJ has fought 23 times, won 22 and 21 as KO. It is only this year that AJ lost once in the ring. Joshua has won a silver medal while representing England in the 2011 AIBA world boxing championship, and today, he is still very active in the ring.

If you want to name one of the best boxers today, the name Manny Pacquiao is obvious. the boxer has Filipino roots and considered among the most consistent in the ring, and a budding politician in the country. He has twelve major titles with a record of 62-7-2, and 39 wins as knockouts.